The end is nigh

We have no destiny. no control of our immediate life or immediate future. we dont know when a government, a ^terrorist^or an interest might end it. we are surrounded by crap. every minute of our waking life, whether directly while we watch tv, walk the dog, drive to work, or whether indirectly by bilbboards that strike your fancy. from stereotyping. from cliches: a life unoriginal it laments itself… we have no privacy to strive, feel safe or free: the age of technological sweet relinquishing. The age of globalisation and communication. in fact, globalisation has created more segragation ever to be recorded. society is in perpetual decline, culture is in perpetual decline, civilization is in decline. we have no more trees, no more jungles, we have no more ice in the glaciers, all our water sallied and salty like our seas. we have no sense of responsibility and logic. we dont feel compelled or bothered by decline… our system buries and murders any scientific innovation. it hides, steals, claims, denies, destroys buries development and mass scale marketing of clean cheap sources of energy because the money in oil and the status quo is profitable. we are a race that fancies suicide. we are sucking the earth clean. we don’t learn. we never learn. What is this legacy we inherited and we are leaving. the end is extremely nigh.


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