Plant a seed

plant into the universal unconscious a seed of positive thought. leave it there. try to be aware of it but put it in the recesses of ur brain that it is somewhere between consciousness and unconsciousness. try to be aware of it but seldom remember it. concentrate. then wait. wait as if u were sure that it were only a matter of time. wait in positive passion. notice the little glimpses, the subtle movements of its seed coming to life. notice the tiniest movement, dont let it escape u. focus as the seed becomes a trunk and as the body branches out. watch while it unfolds in a tree on a branch and then, try to notice whether it reached a mind in the subtlest of ways, watch if it grows,  then watch if it becomes a trend. watch if it becomes nothin. have you ever witnessed that. have u ever noticed a thought escaping ur mind and landing somewhere or on someone else accidentally?


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