On Syria’s War

Battle in Syria…Connecting the global dots…

Lose it all or win it all!

On the eve of the ‘Geneva 2’ convention which turned into COOKED gravel ( a Lebanese proverb for a complete over cooking and burning of a cake in the oven), some observers “hoped” that the dispute will be settled on the way of another Lebanese proverb «don’t kill the Wolf but don’t slaughter the sheep”. But even this method will be at the expense of the « Syrian sheep ». Syria, army and people, along with Russia, will not compromise on their national interests and their historical and geographical interests, to be treated as «a herd of sheep», wholesale or retail, cash or in installments, to satisfy the wishes of the American wolf and his godfather the Israelis.
Incidentally, there is still some former leftists (from the likes of George Sabra) who want us to believe that the battle in Syria is for democracy!
In Lebanon, we do know, and have experience bitterly, that the Syrian regime is somehow necessarily characterized as a system of individual dictatorial intelligence, and that’s exactly what made “the Syrian wall low” (another Lebanese proverb meaning that the person has become weak in face of some things) in front of the world imperialist conspiracy on Syria, and also makes the Syrian regime unable to resolve the battle in a few days, or crushed All internal and external fighters.
But for Mr. Sabra or Mr. Karim Marwa or former Lebanese MP (Communist) Elias Atallah, and all of America, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and its chiefdom Qatar, Bahrain and the terrorist organization «Qaeda» and «Jubhat al Nasra», who stole thousands of factories in the area of Aleppo and passed it to Turkey, who entered the villages or towns only to humiliate their people and rape its women (‘religiously’ of course), looted “Mahalha” and their homes, all of them including Barack Obama to tell us they want democracy. We have to ask them: If this is your democracy, what is brutality, barbarism and savagery?!
If we passed this “demagogy” or dogma as a flagrant and shameful and false democracy, the root cause of the main war on Syria becomes a conflict of the U.S. desperate to control the reservoirs of oil and gas discovered in the eastern Mediterranean, ie, Syria and beyond, in order to continue dominating global economic and political to the U.S. and its dollar.
To look at it closely: July 22, 1944, the eve of the end of World War II, held near Washington, the so-called Conference «Bretton Woods», which was attended by 730 president, minister, director and expert from 44 countries, to draw the political map of the world after the end of the war, and it was decided to establish global institutions as a subsidiary for America: The United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. At this conference, America imposed on the countries of the world to recognize the dollar as the main international currency alongside the gold. As the U.S. government in the era of Franklin D. Roosevelt had abolished the gold coverage of the dollar since before the war, the U.S. government had pledged at the conference that it ensures the equation: every ounce of gold is equal to $ 35 as a signed hardcopy.
So what did the U.S. government depend on to make these commitments in front of the world?
They depended on two factors: first, the Convention of Yalta: In  February 11, 1945 a conference of Yalta on the Black Sea in the Soviet Union, signed the agreement for the sharing of global influence, virtually any delivery all over the world (except the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe at the time) is for American leadership. Roosevelt emerged from Yalta holding a document signed by the biggest traitor of communism Joseph Stalin that commissioned America’s sovereignty over the entire world. (And for some who are wondering: How do I accuse Stalin of betraying communism? I say: on the eve of the war, Stalin executed 6 Marshalls of the Chiefs of Staff of the Soviet Union, and murdered 35 thousand officer in the Soviet army, leaving the borders of Russia without fortifications, allowing the Nazi army to sweep millions of square kilometers of territory form the Soviets. And after the Grand and great Russian people with other Soviet peoples killed the Nazi monster, Stalin turned traitor, ‘ally’ actually of Hitler, then ‘friend’ to Roosevelt who gave him, through the Yalta agreement the taking over of the world). The second factor is the alliance of oil between the U.S. _ Saudi Arabia: On February 14, 1945, Roosevelt flew from Yalta directly to Egypt, met in the Bitter Lakes in the Suez Canal on board the warship U.S. «Quincy» with Saudi King Abdul Aziz Al Saud, and agreed with him that shan’t trouble himself or worry about the  extraction of oil and manufacturing and marketing, and that America ‘friendly’  to the Arabs and Muslims will take the trouble and do this for him, the US will pay the Saudi Family of the Arabian Peninsula the rights of revenue for oil, depending on market conditions. The American party is to decide what the crude oil prices are and the family from Arabia will get their pay. Put in the time «the price Americans pay for the family of Saudi Arabiais  between $ 2 and $ 3 per barrel of crude oil. If we use simple arithmetic, and divide the price per ounce of gold as defined at the time by America’s arbitrary and arbitrarily ($ 35 per ounce) price of a barrel of oil, which is paid to the Saudi family (2 to 3 dollars per barrel) The result: 12 to 18 barrels of oil-for-ounce gold.
If we at this moment, or a year ago, or decades ago divide the price of an ounce of gold per a barrel of oil, we will discover (surprisingly or not surprisingly) that an ounce of gold ranges actually between 12 and 18 barrels of oil, despite all the vagaries of the dollar exchange rate, and the prices of oil and gold.
This means in other words that America is (a pragmatic country with distinction) has replaced gold coverage of the U.S. with petroleum coverage (mainly from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf) to the dollar.
This is the practical significance of various countries around the world caved to American sovereignty (through the Yalta agreement) to convert the dollar as the currency of the First World (due to the agreement of Roosevelt Abdul Aziz).
To transform the dollar to the first global currency means that America can print paper dollars not because of the need of the U.S. financial session, but to the need of the global financial cycle. And thus the US becomes able to steal all the world by printing paper currency. If in the course of the global financial cycle the need is between 50 and 100 trillion dollars, for example, the gang of capitalists in the «Federal Reserve » (who act or are the real U.S. central bank) print 60 to 120 trillion, and thus steal the world by 10 to $ 20 trillion, equivalent to American-based GDP as a whole. But hey: shameful! How do we call this stealing?
It’s democracy. Is it not, sir George Sabra, oh, Professor Grace Whisperer, and oh professor Fouad Nimri!
Let’s go back to the fight in Syria, and how does all this have to do with the battle over there?
The issue is simple and as crystal clear: If you began the extraction of oil and gas from the eastern Mediterranean (Syria and around) with the existence of the Russian nuclear Fleet in Syria’s waters, and the presence of Iranian missiles capable of closing the Strait of Hormuz at any moment, and the presence of Hezbollah rockets in Lebanon, will this extracted oil and gas from Syria, Lebanon and even Cyprus be delivered and handed over to America as Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf oil is? Will Syria, Lebanon and Cyprus inevitably sell its oil and gas in U.S. dollars? Or will they adopt a new economic policy and sell oil and gas in Syrian pounds and the Lebanese pound and the Russian ruble and the currencies of other countries such as India, China and Brazil. If America has lost its battle front in Syria, they will not be able to impose the continuation of the dollar as the key international currency.
And if the dollar fell, as regarded as a major international currency, thousands of trillions of dollars of paper editions of Americas money which they stole from the world will backfire on it, and crush the American economy and society in days, and the United States will explode from the inside.
Faced with this threat ‘internally’, America would prefer a thousand times a ‘foreign’ war. But it faces now the great Russia. Not Stalin demagogic splitter, not drunkard lacerated Yeltsin splitter. But Russia Russian. Russia, the Russian people. Russians can gamble and risk and lose everything, except their swords. Except the war!
America today stands in front of the difficult assessment and retribution. But is it able to retreat, and audit itself (not in money terms) , and to avoid the grim fate that awaits, though for a while. Through a settlement with Russia and international allies.
The first thing they (US) can do is to abandon their ‘allies’. But these ‘allies’ realize that this is their last chance, so they understand  the need for more pressure on US and Israel and more bloodshed in Syria  itself desperate to prove their presence on the scene, and drag America in vain to battle.


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