This one is for the history books!

For the history books

So silly if Obama was to wage war against Russia over Snowden. Even if they pump the issue up to a matter of national security. Let’s not forget that world war 1 started because of less: a made up assassination of 1 man! Anything can be used as a justification for war as history has shown, but the USA has a tendency to wage wars based on the one man tipping point, although all citizens of the world do not want one. But one could argue, going back to Snowden, that the American people didn’t ask for an Intelligence gathering militarized government, Intelligence gathering militarized country and Intelligence gathering militarized world to start with, let alone let the incompetency of letting such information slip away and go to Russia(something fishy here!).
So, I hope Putin and the Russian people prove to be more  than a 2 dimensional, naive, arrogant war-monster of a society. How silly… We should be ashamed. This one is for the history books.


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