Al Saud Family: Hostility to Islam and Arabism

Al Saud family seems very angry now at the U.S. administration for their misconduct in Syria, as they are disgruntled by the international community over its inaction for the rescue ‘ of the Syrian people ‘. This is what got them to reject a seat in the Security Council, which they won after they had demanded it . But fortunately the Friends of Al-Saud expressed solidarity with them. The French government announced that it understands the Saudi position , of course without revealing the reasons for their vulnerability towards the Al Saudi appeal. Moreover, the Syrian opposition figure (any one of these paid outsiders) who imagined himself , sometime in the future , president of Syria under French mandate, has almost the same position as the Saudi family towards the United States and its allies regarding the Syrian crisis, by which he argues that the Governments of France and Britain with the Nazi German government , in Munich , in 1938 had the same intentions toward the region.
We can sum up what we know about The Al-Saud, with the following points:
– They rejected and opposed the unity between Egypt and Syria ( 1958 , 1961 ) while bribing some of the pillars of the Nasserist regime in Syria with huge sums of money for the assassination of Jamal Abdel Nasser
– They turned Yemeni tribes against the coup that brought down the power of the Imam in 1962, and which had received support from the Egyptian government . This action took its toll on the land of Yemen where a fierce war continued throughout the period because of the failure of the project of the United Arab Nations, and the bitterness of the defeat of Nasiriyah on the banks of the Suez Canal in 1967 which then showed the fragility of the structures of Arab nations in achieving the said project. Al Saud has helped all the colonists who brandished anti-Nasiriya . Most probably, they have contributed to its failure and defeat.
What we also know about Al Saud is that they chased any opposition of their rule even eliminating them completely.In particular, we mention here the “fighter” Nasser Saeed, who was kidnapped in Beirut in 1979. It is likely that his captors ‘sold’ him to the Al Saud family for ten million dollars. It should be noted here that the political awareness among Nasser Saeed was achieved or reached while he was working in the American Saudi company Aramco , where it seemed to him that his country , which had been in the hands of the British , in fact, became ‘ the Kingdom of Saudi Aramco ‘ specifically after the meeting of Abdul -Aziz bin Saud and the American president Roosevelt on the back of the U.S. battleship Quincy in 1945. The role played now with the current Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan is a repeat of the role, well performed by Saudi princes and his predecessors. Perhaps informed indication that embodied the close relationship which linked former U.S. President Bush with said Saudi Prince, was issued in books; including the « Al Bush and Al Saud ‘ and ‘ state of denial.
I wonder in fact, what does it matter to the media and international policy circles, the Al-Saud role that it is playing now? the authority of Al-Saud in in Arab countries lies in 2 stolen Arabic pillars which they base upon every policy they take, but the purpose of which is to hide or cover this historic Stealth, so to speak. By this I mean that they captured Islam and the distorted its speech to use it in the construction of the legitimacy of their rule on the one hand , while on the other hand had seized the wealth of the natural “underground gem” (oil) in the Arabian Peninsula that is supposed , under the concept of logical terms like « Arab nation » or « Islamic nation », to distribute the proceeds to the countries covered by this terminology. This institution organizes and oversees the distribution and good implementation.Where are we from all this? This is what holds Al Saud to work hard in order to empty the Mohammedan message of the essence on the one hand , and to erase the Arab culture on the other hand.
Based on the historical facts at hand , the Al Saud are in fact in the case of a war against Islam and Arabism together, since the proclamation of the kingdom in 1927, sponsored by the British on the basis of their consent to be a « semi- colony, then this semi colony becomes a joint venture between USA, UK and the Al Saud family with the creation of Aramco.
I think that what I have presented highlights the puzzle of Al Saudi enthusiasm and motivation to sabotage Syria and sow the seeds of discord among the Syrians by the marketing and distortion of the Islamic religion. And to simplify things for the foreign reader, and avoid being sucked into the maze of confusion between secularism and atheism while accusing Al-Saud fraud, I admit that I adopt Sheikh Abdullah Alayli talks in addition to reading the works of the thinker the Tunisian Youssef Saddiq, and his explanation and translation of the Koran; they are the models for reading the correct and enlightened Islamic religion that fits the requirements of this era.
Summing up, the dash of Al Saud war on Syria, is simply due to the hope of Arab people for the resurgence of a cultural renaissance and an Arab political renaissance and the hope of Arab people back in the Arab World to really and truthfully, for once, contribute to the industry of human history, which they were prevented to do so by the cloak of Al-Saud and their ilk. People started dreaming that they were liberated from colonialism. In other words, the colonists are waging war on Syria , while they hide in the cloak of Al Saud and their religious war mongerer men. But what Al Saud and others miss to understand that US and UK who today are ravaging Syria, Egypt, Iraq, and perhaps Algeria tomorrow, will not hesitate for a second, if the reasons arise, from sabotaging their kingdom


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