The Heart of the Delta is bleeding!

Suicide and professional bombings have  moved  to the cities in the heart of the Delta. Terrorism in Egypt expanding outside its traditional borders is the first step in the road map . This bombing expresses the instinctive tendency towards  suicide these groups who wait for their caliphate have ( or choose any other name from the list: fundamental Islamism , political Islam … ) . … Continue reading The Heart of the Delta is bleeding!

When will Saudi Arabia heed to the warnings ?

After the conclusion of the Iranian -western agreement, and after the strike of « sanity » that Americans took by retreating from a military strike against Syria, what is Saudi Arabia waiting for? What are the alternatives? Is the alternative finally giving Saudi Arabia leadership against the regime in Syria and its boss?  Who exactly is convincing the leadership of the Arabian kingdom to do … Continue reading When will Saudi Arabia heed to the warnings ?

Bandar the deceiver!

Wahabism: the years of terror, bloodshed and genocide! It is imperative  to stop the world, for some time , from pointing fingers against unknowns after any terrorist activity in Iraq, Lebanon , Pakistan and Yemen, because  it has been known that this is a state -sponsored terrorism … So as not to be in direct contact with the misleading statements , such as that terrorism … Continue reading Bandar the deceiver!