Bandar the deceiver!

Wahabism: the years of terror, bloodshed and genocide!

It is imperative  to stop the world, for some time , from pointing fingers against unknowns after any terrorist activity in Iraq, Lebanon , Pakistan and Yemen, because  it has been known that this is a state -sponsored terrorism … So as not to be in direct contact with the misleading statements , such as that terrorism has no religion , considered by those in power in Saudi Arabia as a saying that is lifesaving, after the attacks of September 11 as if an atheist did it. It is also necessary to clarify that interpretations of religion produced by Saudis is capable of making terrorists willing to use their bodies to become random explosives .

Well , the Grand Mufti Abdul Aziz Al- Sheikh and after the fall of tens of thousands of innocent victims in Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen finally  ruled in this December 12 that those of explosive belts are criminals and their only shelter is fire. Does he possess more courage to tell of the school of thought which those with belts  graduated from? and who pays, from  the official people’s money, in order for those with belts to turn into pools of blood in places not even known to them? in order for those in belts to kill families they don’t know? And why? only to meet the Lord of war’s agenda: that is Bandar bin Sultan’s agenda .

It is no coincidence that the Saudi capital of terrorism is in the storm that is hitting around the clock Iraq and Syria , and that also hits from time to time Yemen and Lebanon. Accusations are not exported to Saudi Arabia from opponents , as alleged on the lists in Saudi Arabia. But for those who know about and commit terrorist operations they are proud to reveal their nationalities, and the Allies have taken it upon them to reveal the evidence.

In August last year, it was revealed in the secret U.S. cables dating back to 2009, a cable about Iraq’s relationship with its neighbors, and describing in one of the cables that Saudi Arabia is « the biggest challenge and the most complex problem of Iraq » . In a classified cable sent by former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq ( Christopher Hill ) , to the U.S. State Department , and published in the newspaper « The Guardian » in Britain on August 9 last year, it stated that the lack of stability and independence of the Iraqi government is because « Saudi money and attitude are hostile towards other communities , and these attitudes strengthen the concerns of the countries of the region » . Another cable revealed that Saudi Arabia was « sponsoring sectarian incitement , and allowing elders to issue fatwas inciting followers to kill other communities » . Hill said in his message : « the Saudi leadership allows periodically Saudi clerics to pour out their anger on a certain sectarian group » .

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki , applied in public and through the media after returning from Washington , for a visit to the Kingdom to solve the problem of his country and to ask  the Al-Saud to spare his people the horrors of growing violence. Everyone was silent in Saudi Arabia about the demand and no adequate response was given , as if the madness of Saudi Arabia that is claiming the lives of innocent unabated peoples is directed towards satisfying the princes of the Saudi intelligence’s lust for bloodshed and hatred …

It appears that the Bandar-Petraeus plan led to the transformation of the region into a hotbed of terrorists , and now the whole world is no longer a safe place … The “Wahabi Trinity”  responsible for the emergence of the Wahhabi Saudi state was put again to use:1- expiation 2-immigration 3- Jihad . In other words , inciting and indicting and hating other communities , and separating from them , and then declaring jihad on them, which is a  summarized worldview of Wahhabism .
The “Awakening” movement (Sahwa) that has emerged in the nineties of the last century during the second Gulf crisis bred and prepared the cultural and social environment for the emergence of al-Qaeda , and breading to this day still continues to create factions having their root in Saudi Wahabi violent rejection of the other.

Already has begun the emergence of grassroots groups linked to Prince Bandar bin Sultan, that work inside Syrian territory , and some of them participated in the battles of Nahr al-Bared in Lebanon under the banner of the organization « Fatah al-Islam » in 2007 . Then , too, Bandar promised European leaders , according to an interview by Seymour Hersh with « CNN » on 23 May 2007, in which he revealed the promise of Prince Bandar , based on an agreement with Elliott Brahms and Dick Cheney to control the jihadists organization « Fatah al-Islam » . Hersh reminded the viewers of another promise of Bandar to control the Mujahideen militants in Afghanistan after the Soviet troops oust . Hirsch commented at the time : « As if we did not learn anything from the previous lessons, we came back and used the Saudis for the second time to support jihadists. Saudis insist they can control these various groups, such as Fatah al-Islam » .

Hirsch’s comment is still valid until now even also it is of more importance and accuracy , because Bandar bin Sultan gave a new promise to the West before he launched his plan which he shared with former director of the CIA’s David Petraeus, a plan that opened the doors wide for al-Qaeda in large numbers to fight in Syria , to the extent that now there is no possibility of controlling them , and now the surrounding countries such as Turkey , Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq are candidates, playing grounds,  for the entry in the cycle of violence on a large scale , leading to the fall of the states .

Abdullah Azzam Brigades , which was founded by the Saudi Saleh bin Abdullah Al Qar’awi after the battles of Nahr el-Bared in northern Lebanon , was one of the organizations operating under the command of the Saudi intelligence since the return of its leader Qaraawi from treatment in hospitals in KSA after suffering gunshot wounds that led to his paralysis, taking over after him Majid Majid and working avidly for Saudi intelligence .

Just read the translated data of the organization and it will show the jihadist vision of Wahhabism . In an interview in « Fajr Media Center » belonging to « Abdullah Azzam Brigades » with Qaraawi in the month of April 2010 , about « his view of the conflict in the Levant » , there was talk of 2 squares : the Arabian Peninsula, Island of prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him , and the Levant,  stronghold of the Victorious Sectarian land.

The contents of the data by Qaraawi is entitled « To identify the criminal’s way » literally “in Syria and Lebanon “. What is striking in the first statement of the Abdullah Azzam Brigades , issued on 13 October 2010 that there was a prophecy suggestive that the inevitable showdown between Sunnis and Shiites was near:  « We in the Brigades of Abdullah Azzam, we expect that the battle is brewing …» , where statements paint sectarian images for the battle , in which Iran, Syria and Hezbollah are the bloc opposed to the Sunnis , while the U.S. and the Israelis are factored out of the equation, the suggestion is clear that the battle meant to be purely sectarian .

The political Committee of the organization « Fatah al-Islam » presented on January 29, 2012 what it called « political reading in the Syrian revolution and the struggle of invisible hands », where it paints the path of a sectarian war , which will be international based in Syria. In another statement of the organization itself entitled « victory to our brothers in Islamic Syria », it emphasizes the organic relationship between « Fatah al-Islam » and « Abdullah Azzam Brigades » , where it calls to « revive the 1 year of Jihad in the Levant calling on Wasel TV for help and support to the people of Jihad in Fatah al-Islam and Abdullah Azzam Brigades and all the truthful, a call for support with money and increased numbers … » . It is interesting that the statement calls the young people « to spread  the frequencies of their channel Wasel among the Sunnis » ! Is there a relationship between  « Fatah al-Islam » and Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd, who preached to his fans on twitter the imminent launch of « Wessal 2 » in Farsi ? !

The statement was intended to an exclusive Wahhabi general public , including the text « Help your brothers, the Mujahideen and Spread the Unitarian doctrine of monotheism » .
It is not an Al Qaeda vision but it is the vision of Wahhabism par excellence, and we will not find anyone that differs from the vision of Qaraawi in the Wahhabi community , not even from the political class in the sectarian royal family where work is underway on the basis that there is a sectarian war now . And that all that appears on the screen from killing and decapitating , and the demolition of shrines , and the bombing of the graves , and the destruction of churches , and the suspension of the banners is at the heart of the project, Wahhabism led currently by Bandar bin Sultan , but in his own way .
Acts of suicide among some youth in the Kingdom (KSA), who belong to the segment of the unemployed (representing 1 out of every 4 persons in KSA ) , become acts of redemption and become solutions. So instead of providing jobs for about two million unemployed to work in the Kingdom, they get paid, they get hired to become the spiral of violence in Iraq , Syria, Lebanon and Yemen , it is the only job vacancy in the Kingdom of corruption that eats two-thirds of the income of its citizens , according to a report issued last year from the Saudi Chamber of Commerce .
The cycle of violence led by Saudi Arabia, which has moved to a number of Arab countries (Libya , Egypt , Yemen , Lebanon , Iraq and Syria ) , which portends the outbreak of civil wars , threatens the whole region with chaos to prevent any political settlement that halts the cheap deaths and destruction while the role of Saudi Arabia directed towards specific countries such as Iraq and Lebanon is very threatening with its car bombs led by Saudi intelligence . However, this matter is not risk free , the West began to express that openly .
In the report issued by the Foreign Affairs Committee in the House of Commons on British relations with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain in November 12 came: « the Saudi authorities do not pay enough attention to the effects of serious funding and religious teachings that are exported by Saudi citizens to extremist groups in the region and the world » .
Saudi Arabia has become drenched in the bloodshed , and it refuses even to listen to the calls of diplomatic solutions , and it sees that there is no choice but to commit more crimes of terrorism in neighboring countries such as Yemen , Iraq, or behind the sea, like Libya and Sudan , or Arab countries who disagree with them, revenge was on the basis of: blood blood demolition demolition .

It appears today  that the world is no longer safe , and that the guarantees made ​​by Bandar bin Sultan himself in front of European leaders that he will prevent the transmission of terrorism to their home countries after the completion of the task of overthrowing the regime in Syria by groups have dissipated when intelligence services all over Europe announced their alertness towards monitoring and hunting down their nationals who are  fighters and now announced their numbers in Syria  to monitor them before they return home.

In the same context comes the insistence of European leaders to include terrorism on the list of issues that will be discussed in « Geneva 2 » in the event it takes place on January 22nd of the new year .
Today , the project is witnessing its worst Wahhabi Saudi leadership through destructive chaos  and through that of its leader, its Lord ‘s insistence to threaten stability in the world .



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