The Heart of the Delta is bleeding!

Suicide and professional bombings have  moved  to the cities in the heart of the Delta.
Terrorism in Egypt expanding outside its traditional borders is the first step in the road map . This bombing expresses the instinctive tendency towards  suicide these groups who wait for their caliphate have ( or choose any other name from the list: fundamental Islamism , political Islam … ) .
.. The arrival of the high-tech bomb and  its detonation  in front of an official building holding a high rank (Director of Security ) official during a security meeting is a clear  message revealing the ability to penetrate government because it’s weak.

The bombing of the Egyptian security headquarters is a symbolic one declaring the ability to reach  the headquarters of operations in the city of Mansoura which refuses the pro-Mursi demonstrations of the Brotherhood. Not surprisingly, Mansoura became, just a few days ago before the bombing,  the scene of a tragic representation/drama between the wrestling two blocks:  the slaughter of a taxi driver that insisted to cross through the road traffic amidst a march of the Muslim Brotherhood … He began running over demonstrators and ended with getting himself murdered in retaliation. Nobody passed the street again.

Despite the announcement by the organization “supporters of Jerusalem” claiming responsibility for the bombing, the revenge of the angry crowd in Mansoura was directed to the elements of the Muslim Brotherhood:  it was a street war that was  “limited” and will not reach “civil war” but unmistakably plants the seeds of  enmity and it will contribute one way or another in the re-engineering of the Egyptian society.

Political squabble overrules the search for the  truth of what happened. Truth may reveal spies in the security services or monumental failure of the Egyptian theory of “No voice is louder than the battle”.
“Truth” will reveal the absence of the political debate in the conflict and  will help return it to the level of the all known broken duality: state or terrorism. Here we can forget the differences between the Brotherhood and “other” groups allied with it (for the restoration of  the authority Morsi who is rejected by almost all the public) and through this alliance the Muslim Brothers can choose to play the “faithful and  infidels” bill.
Consequently, there is no difference between the organizations outside of Egypt holding the mantle of Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, not only because they are of the same political faction, but because the Brotherhood with all their experiences in politics no longer have something to offer but to deceive their fans by constantly defending Morsi;  their actions bare no difference from  suicide frenzy groups waiting for the succession. It is with despair the alliance decided to punish the community who does not want their rule.

“Truth” will be lost in the process of investment in the victims of the bombings by media and politics … The investment process will be followed by another round of investment this time directed  to the victims of the revenge that will come soon (from the street fights) … the loop that has no end … It is a punishment for a revolution .

The mind here is absent or is a prisoner of lust unable to interact with the variables that indicate the loss of Egypt: instead of going in the way of  “reform and updating state efficiency” it goes in the way of competing with Somalia or Lebanon for the title: best failed state.

The bombing of Mansoura represents political suicide for the brotherhood, who is unable to cope with the fact of telling its audience of the fall of the group, who remain waiting for an impossible return.

While they await the return, terrorism supported from outside will escalate (Egyptian Presidency’s statements reveal where from) terrorism playing for the first time away from home in the traditional Sinai … And the “alliance of the bastards” will slam the Brotherhood to the last wall.


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