The Kingdom of sand : A black history since the eighteenth century…

History would never repeat itself in the same dirty way as it did in the case with the Al-Saud family. It is interesting that the massacre itself carried out by Mohammed bin Saud and his son Abdullah, in collaboration with the sons of Muhammad Abd al -Wahhab against the people of “Najd” and “Hijaz” and some other parts of the Arabian Peninsula in the eighteenth century, when he seized power with swords and beheadings, interesting, because the same is being carried out by their descendants today in Syria, as if history was not cut off between the past and the present.
While shedding light on the history of Al-Saud and the Kingdom of sand, we can’t help but acknowledge the fact that all this was initiated by Saudi Progressive thinker Nasser Al-Said; he paid with his life for this: a conspiracy (kidnapping) by Saudi Lebanese Palestinian intelligence, unfortunately, kidnapped from in front of the newspaper “AsSafir” in Hamra, he was drugged and placed in a coffin and handed over to Saudi intelligence for the sum of five million dollars, transferred by a private Saudi jet from the airport in Beirut, where he was thrown from the plane at an altitude of thirty thousand feet above the “Al Rub3 Al Khali” Empty Quarter (KSA Desert).
By shedding light on the black history of this black family, there are literally dozens of dates and events we could speak of;  there is not a difference between what Mohammed bin Saud and his son Abdullah had done, in collaboration with the Wahhabis, and what Saud al-Faisal and Bandar bin Sultan and Turki al-Faisal are doing in Syria today. This family has stood, since it seized power with the support of colonial Britain in the first third of the twentieth century, since its move to become a subordinate of USA, this family has stood against all that is Arab and progressive, and stood to work by all means to pre-empt any progress or evolution or upgrade of this Arabian area . Perhaps it began with the recognition of the “poor” Jews, as described by Abdul-Aziz Al Saud in reply to a British demand to approve the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine, or through asking the Israeli army to confrontation in Yemen trying to prevent it from switching from the rule of the “Imam” to a democratic republic, or it began by sending a memorandum to the U.S. President Lyndon Johnson inviting him to eliminate Abdel Nasser, by financing the war of 67 against Abdel Nasser and attempting to destroy Egypt in response to the hatred of the old historic role of Egypt: you see, back in the days, Egyptian leader, Mohammed Ali Pasha, and after the completion and waring of the Wahhabi state, in the early nineteenth century, arrested their leader Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Saud bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, and sent him to Turkey, where he was hanged, his head cut off, and put on the barrel of the cannon and then launched into hot air, they then took out his heart and put it over his body.
Perhaps what the writer and traveler “Reuter” wrote in the month of November in 1818 , in his book « trip from Tbilisi to Istanbul » , describes best the scene of the execution of Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Saud, the last ruler of the first Saudi state in the Arabian Peninsula giving the real impression of the hatred that is still going on in the issuance of this family ..
“Reuter” wrote in his book: “I saw with my own eyes the execution of King Abdullah of the Wahhabi Saudis, beheaded in the “Hagia Sophia Square”, opposite to the Palace Gardens, after humiliating him in the streets of Istanbul for three days. The Turks put the head of Abdullah Al-Saud in a gun nozzle, then lit the gun, his body was put on a stake , and a  cloth was put emblazoned “Turkey is above everyone” . They pulled out his heart from his chest, stitched it and immobilized it with a dagger and put a  paper that included the death penalty against him”.
Perhaps it is important to review the reasons for what drove the Turks to this form of horrible execution: because of what Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Saud and his ilk follower, Muhammad ibn Abd al -Wahhab had done when they invaded in 1801 Shiites centers in southern Iraq , until they reached Karbala by their swords in the necks of all, nobody was spared from death, “Shiites infidels” The Wahhabis had entered the shrine of Imam Hussein, destroyed its dome above the tomb, and looted what they found in gold and money and belongings . And in 1802, the armies of the Wahhabis turned westward toward Altsenn centers in the Hijaz, started to invade the city of Taif: “The slaughter of all male members of the population,  even women began”. Wahhabis then entered the city of Mecca which surrendered, under the impact of terror and panic, and such was the case in “Medina”! When finished, followers of Ibn Abd al -Wahhab demolished the Prophet’s historical monuments in Mecca, and worked to destroy all the domes and shrines they found, destroying centuries of Islamic construction around the Grand Mosque”.
Saudi Arabia led by al-Saud has stood against all attempts of change in the Arab world, and worked to destroy the revolutions that could impair the Zionist enemy, either by dumping money, as has happened with the Palestinian revolution, or by attempts to eliminate Hezbollah and the Islamic resistance in Lebanon in coordination directly with Israel and the West that in addition to the Saudi crimes and destruction in Syria, and in Iraq where they also seek to flood it with its own blood by car bombs, which amounted to 300, according to the latest statistics of car bombs.
Turki al-Faisal insists, according to the press, on the destruction of Syria,  its “Baath” community and its institutions and its national army all because of Syria’s alliance with the resistance and support against Israel. He is desperately trying to sabotage the international Iranian agreement and he has given the Israeli delegation locations of sensitive sites that could be used to strike Iran and destroy its nuclear programs; all because of the stand Iran takes against Zionism and its support for the Palestinian people and their just cause and also its support for the resistance in Lebanon .
This black history of that family , and the kingdom of Wahhabi hatred, represents only a small part of the critical role they play in their nation’s buffer against development and liberation from colonialism, in a manner essential to maintaining the Zionist entity.

Perhaps the meeting between Turki al-Faisal and Meir Shitrit in Monaco or the  meeting between Bandar bin Sultan and Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister for coordination in relation to the destruction of Syria , as said by media leaks , and the combined effect on the United States to thwart the nuclear deal, confirms the continuation of black history .



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