Netanyahu did not lie….It is we who believed in something else…..

One would imagine Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, watching through the small TV screen in his house (it might be 50 inch, besides the point), the course of the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations: He may smile when he sees Martin Indyk fixing his white hair upon dismounting from the plane, to pick up the pieces after the failure of John Kerry. Or he may feel sad towards the state of Palestine after a quarter of a century of negotiations.

Let’s discuss the scene:
Indyk, an Australian, did not obtain the U.S. citizenship until 1993. He has been an active AIPAC member since 1982 ,formidable in the struggles of pushing Israeli agenda in the USA. Today, he plays a mediating role . Great.

Saeb Ereykat, the chief Palestinian negotiator, is the brother of Indyk in citizenship. He too is a naturalized U.S. citizen this happening after concluding his postgraduate studies on peace in the United States and Britain. He believes that the interests of states are those that drive its politics, and believes that negotiation and not arms is the only way to peace. Excellent .

Tzipi Livni, the Israeli Mossad daughter, minister or leader of the “Kadima Party”, stepdaughter of Albetar gangs, daughter of the Afajran of Irgun gangs that slaughtered thousands of Palestinians. Ms. Blonde is known to have stood behind the liquidation of Palestinian officials and Arab officials. Sometimes she pokes them with poison, sometimes by sexual relations, or by pure and simple death threats. She is currently authorized to negotiate with the Palestinians. Excellent too.

These people are now the builders of ​​peace between Palestinians and Israelis. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah may be smiling or grieving. In both cases, it’s the same result. This charade, this play will only lead to more settlements, more displacement, more land theft, and more Jewidization.

President Mahmoud Abbas is nearing eighty years. Spent mostly convinced that peace is possible. Convinced of this, even at the height of the Palestinian military struggle against Israel. He is now standing before the exam of history and reality. He wants history to say he did not give up, but in reality, he is trying to actively search for fair compromises. Mohammed Dahlan is blocking his way … Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) exposing Dahlan before he got to the presidency is fine. There is nothing wrong in accusing him of involvement in the killing of Palestinians, including president Yasser Arafat .

U.S. President Barack Obama, for his part, looks towards Syria. He is rubbing his hands and saying: What do we do? All of Syria destroyed, still its president did not fall. Most of the world’s terrorists entered Syria, and here is Bashar al-Assad preparing to run for election. All the cabinets and money coffers of the Gulf have been opened in vain. He is saying: It is necessary to achieve external victory. He is saying: we must return to Palestine .

There, in Palestine, the Bazaar is easier. Arabs fight amongst each other. Arab armies are soaked in eternal wars. Relations between each other are in the gutter. Palestinians are becoming un-(not) liked in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and the Gulf, on charges of involvement in Hamas. Jordan is almost actually turning into something like an alternative homeland for the Palestinians after waves of Palestinians have been naturalized as residents and citizens.
Since the time of the Arabs saying “no” in the famous Khartoum summit, their dreams have faded: the release of the Palestinian political detainees of the last quarter of a century has not even been accomplished. On Wednesday, the Arab League held an emergency meeting at the level of foreign ministers to discuss the issue of Palestine. Ha! Strange indeed. The strangeness lies in the fact that Israel did not raise the level of intransigence, stubbornness, until only after the Arab summit in Kuwait. After the summit, Obama came to Saudi Arabia too.

He who reads the title of Netanyahu’s book “Place Among the Nations” understands that the man is very loyal to his ideas. No Palestinian state. No Jerusalem. No other way for the Palestinian but to accept a Jewish state. Jordan an alternative homeland. No return to the 1967 borders. Arabs only understand the language of force.
One would imagine Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, facing this scene, may turn off the TV and call one of the leaders in the south asking about the situation.

Tzipi Livni and her colleagues in the Netanyahu government say that the Lebanese resistance has doubled its capacity many times. They themselves believe that the capacity of the Palestinian negotiator has decreased many times .

The choice is obvious….


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