ISIS is Saudi Arabia

With ISIS’s bloody violent uprising from the northwest of Iraq through Syria and down into the heart of Lebanon, Saudi Arabia’s propaganda machine moved to address the collateral damage that this jihadist violent terrorist organization may inflict on the family state. A systematic and comprehensive plan put in Riyadh, asking its diplomatic envoys in their respective capitals to move quickly and effectively.

The stated objectives are to condemn ISIS’s actions first, to confirm refusal on the part of the Kingdom of Saudi family in these actions second, third, to work by all means available to “whitening” the family portrait and its rule for whatever price. They allocated tremendous funds with enormous potential and put it at the disposal of the public relations campaign to cooperate with journalists and media, pens and pages and sites, and tongues, politicians and opinion-makers … in defense of the of the family state.

In this context, the Saudi campaign highlights a number of titles for the hard marketing battle, especially in Beirut, and especially after the exposure of the Saudi affiliations that a number of suspected terrorist criminals share. The theme of the first year is to represent the family of the Kingdom of Islam as the face of moderate Islam against fanatic Islamic terrorist delusion. Second, that the system of that same family had named ISIS a terrorist organization since last March in addition to other organizations, such as the “Nusra Front” and “Islamic Brothers” and «Saudi Hezbollah» and others. The third theme addresses the “lie”, that it is likely that ISIS in Beirut are planning to target the interests of the Saudi royal family itself, because of this particular terrorist classification. This is riddled by a small additional detail by trying to imply that ISIS and her sisters are very affected by the decision of the family in question. So it is banned on any Saudi to provide any financial support to those movements. Note that this slimey argument is considered a condemnation of the family more than the achievement of its policies in the fight against terrorism. Concurrently, the theme that comes last in this propaganda campaign is that any investigation does not conclude or show once, since the start of the waves and terrorist incitements, that any of the takfiri organizations had received any formal financial support from the Saudi royal family as a state. This means that the adoption of other funding channels by these organizations from KSA is considered as individual and personal and spontaneous initiatives not related to the family state.

What’s remarkable about this campaign is that it addresses the Western mind, especially from the U.S, with its superficiality of political thought. As if Takfirism and terrorism is just a terrorist bomb, or “C4” or a zapper, only. As if terrorism is limited to a handful of petro dollars, which bought the explosive material, or paid for the detonator, or secured remuneration for the fundamentalist jihadi. Therefore we see Western research in general and the U.S. in particular, focused on the financial side of terrorism only. This since September 11 and its “PATRIOT ACT”, right down to all investigations of the U.S. Treasury.


While the central truth is elsewhere.


The truth is that terrorism does not start in the arm that blows the bomb, but in the mind that makes everyone infidels and ready to be killed, ready to die. In this point lies the full criminal and moral liability of the system of the Saudi family. The disaster left by the mentality of that kingdom and its conduct is evident from Egypt all the way to Lebanon. Egypt and Lebanon in particular because they are the most prominent examples of modern Arab world and civilization, openness and culture, journalism and friendship with the world and with the times and with the human well-being and rights. Cairo is, was and still will remain a leader of the Arab world and the locomotive of ideas and policy and culture. But watching an Egyptian movie from the fifties today, you can’t help but ask yourself what disaster befell this country within half a century, at the level of its civilization and culture and the arts and all the activities of the mind and life. A witness to the life of all Egypt, Alaa al-Aswani, recounts the disaster that began after the year 1973. After the war and the oil crisis that forced Cairo towards Riyadh funds, amid the acrobatics of Sadat and the methodology of the Saudi regime in penetrating ideas and minds. In came Saudi money to Egypt, and in came the Wahhabi Islamic mind to Egypt. The collapse began. Then came a great disaster, of course, the competing between Qatar and Saudi Arabia at who would take back Egypt furthermore towards retardation and the dark ages. And collapse. And then the Arabic disasters began to proliferate.

In Lebanon, the same theme and the same collapse. The writer Mohammed Abu Samra, tells in his well researched and documented book, “The God Yard: Tripoli and the port of modernity”, how the first nucleus of fundamentalism there began with the support of the Saudis and Saudi finance and instructions on the Saudi model then the group “the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice” then Saudi Wahhabism. Then to “the nucleus of the Islamic Army” in Lebanon, the first sectarian violent naming that entered the personal mindset of Lebanese like an information virus, it was soon popularized and spread … a Tripoli minister tells the story of one these Illuminated individuals who nominated himself a few years ago for municipal elections in Tripoli by making his manifesto one titled, it read: “I promise to work on “restoring” Tripoli half a century back”!

Saudi family’s responsibility is not in the funding nor the nationalities of the terrorists nor the cancellation of visas nor in the sectarian conflict with the Shiites nor in the geo-strategic rivalry with Iran. The responsibility of that family is first and foremost in thought. Not to be a state of the third millennium on behalf of the family, where the people of the parish would be without an identity, and where the other is canceled, the mind is cancelled, the art is canceled, the Lord is cancelled, and women Canceled … Here lies the disaster of Saudi Arabia that no propaganda can remedy.


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