Israel: Perpetrating genocide on biblical proportions- shaping the future…

” When we are allowing Israel to commit genocide and war crimes whenever it pleases, when we support it or when we do nothing to oppose it, we are allowing our future to be shaped by these same morals and standards. How far have we come, how sick have we become so as to allow genocide, murder and injustice to be the traits of our century, of our future.”

As an Arab, I can fairly and quiet easily describe my situation as being a human living in the worst geographical point and in the worst time. I am no expert here, but, in the future, when history speaks of this time, it will no doubt say that it was the worst that humans had ever witnessed on a global, interconnected modern scale.

“How to describe an insane world to an insane human who thinks sanity is the prevailing norm?”

Lies and malignant plans perpetrated by governments; greed, money and power ruling countries in the age of dirty media; lack of morality, empathy and solidarity, and open war and genocide; aren’t they all signs of biblical catastrophes? can it be true? Are we witnessing upheavals of biblical proportions but we are so sedated, so tired that our intellect cannot discern it?

Regardless of how you wish to dress it up or with what adjectives or superlatives you wish to use describing it, the world is pretty messed up.

What is the problem?

We, humans, are living in a time overtaken by a dichotomy. A very serious schism divides us, a cliff separates us. This divide is not based on social class, race, religion, nationality or gender but based on a single subtle hidden trait: gullibility, naivety and manipulation.

And not to sound like a broken record or repeat the words of many truth seekers, I would try to simplify what I mean by this:

Can you think of yourself outside of yourself? Can you see, from a distance, for 5 minutes, the way you have been raised, the way you live and how you were influenced?

Do you realize that you are the son and daughter of fake history, degraded culture?

It starts with the most unexpected evil of all, your parents. They are worse than you. You start off getting indoctrinated by your under prepared, ill informed, inadequate parents.

When you grow a fake sense of independence, you get your news, your interests, your religion and your life from the TV, don’t you?

You have been sinisterly trained in school, in a subtle and hidden manner, without any conspiracy, but through a system, educated and trained to be submissive, to believe what superiors say and to do what you are told.

You have been raised on greed and competition, on capitalism, where only the dirty become rich.

You have been made a commodity, a consumer, by those who wish to see you a slave all your life, whereas you get your satisfaction, your identity and your security from the useless junk they make you buy.

You have been shaped to be impressed, manipulated, docile and incurious about anything.

And to top things off, you have been made violent and perverted.

All these make you what you are. So, they feed you what they want you to know.

Getting back to the Israeli genocide:

The problem is not very complicated and the issue of the middle eastern peace is actually simple. Don’t let them fool you by the aura of illusion.

“The problem is that it is OK.”

Israel seriously thinks, and has made no effort to hide it, in fact it has been writing about it for many years, that Arabs are second rate humans, and that it is quiet ok to wipe them out.

What makes Israel irreproachable is that it knows that the majority of humans (gullible….) on a subtle and deeper level, think the same way. Who are we kidding?

“This creates a sickness in humans.”

On the other hand, it is so blatant, to the human psyche, seeing the violence Israel is committing, so unconsciously devastating, humans, gullible and naive as they were trained to become, justify their sickness with what is fabricated through the world governments and news.

Billions of people think nothing is wrong and everything justified, they don’t think it, they believe it.

The epitome of the rudeness of our times and the rudeness of this murderous entity, which is worse and so much more dangerous than ISIS, is that it manipulates and takes the world for fools:

“The new age has begun, it is hailed by Israel when it pioneers the entertainment for the culture of the damned: genocide on TV”

Everything is wrong on Earth. Humans are stupid gullible people who have been bread to become docile submissive and sedentary.

Don’t expect a stop in wars or a decrease in barbarism, don’t expect light for the darkness is all around us, the cold will soon engulf.




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