Invasion!! Invasion!! Echoes of a dark new invasion

Welcome to the dark new invasion. An invasion by the leader of colonialism of our contemporary history. This invasion brings with it everything that historically the barbaric West brings from malice on the peoples of the earth to hate towards other cultures. It is an invasion aimed at getting rid of all the life in these countries bombed, to finally seal the plan, justified by the ploy invented by colonialism itself, which they called an uprising in the name of religion on the governments that were marred by tyranny for decades.

It is a decision not made by the boys. We have those who hold money, they only pay for humiliation and clapping. We have those with bank accounts and interests, all they have to do is seclude themselves if they want to object. And there are those whose names appear in the list of the new coalition against the villain, they are only for the decoration that the western monster needs, a framework, figureheads in its new rape.
It does not matter, at all, the question of who agreed, who made it easy and participated. What is important is to try to understand what is meant from this invasion and what results they have planned.

A new invasion that wants to destroy Syria and Iraq
and displace their people…

There is absolutely no differentiating marks between those who decide to invade and those who decide that they were invaded these days. America, Western Europe, the Ottoman Empire and the kingdoms of oppression (KSA, Qatar…) are the same ones who killed millions of people all over the world. They have cut them with swords and shot them dead with bullets, made them hungry or nuked and poisoned them. They are not better than ISIS at all. None of them, originally, accepts the opinion of the other, and none of them, ever, accepts to leave the peoples of the world decide their own destiny. And none of them live sustainably. All of them, a gang of bandits, seize by force and iron on the capabilities of the peoples of the world, and govern by blood and fire their own countries. Nothing in their near history gives them any moral or cultural or humanitarian superiority that allows them to claim leadership of the war for the freedom of our people.

Practically speaking, the beginning of the air operation against the headquarters of the jihadi organizations in Syria came to conform and manage: a strategy based on containment of the general situation in Syria and Iraq. This came after years of attempts at skewing and turning the political, military and strategic standpoints of these countries. These attempts are led by the US with the help of European terrorist countries, and with the financing and rallying from their allies of the Arab Peninsula and the Levant. Israel had a prominent role in it. In addition to involving political groups, Islamic and secular, who were claiming all the time that they are facing a dictator who was imposed by (this same) colonialism. But these groups have become tools of the new barbaric invasion.

Simply put, all wars have failed to restore what America, the West and the Gulf states have lost in Iraq. And all attempts to compensate with a win in Syria have failed. Now, they are more afraid, after what happened in Yemen recently. Also an increased dose of fear came after a couple of hundred poor people in Gaza defeated the most powerful of their armies. So they have nothing left but to ask for help directly from the West itself. Here America returns to involve itself in our countries, ignoring the lessons of the past decade. But they have to play this role, to hit and destroy any threat to their allies, and destroy all the elements of our strength, and then steal our resources.

The objectives of this battle are:

They intend on disciplining the boy gone insane who has exceeded the limits of his home. They want to say to ISIS and Qaeda that their mission is limited to the destruction of Syria and the Syrian and Iraqi fighters. Those who have found a playing margin will be punished, and it will be concluded that their only option is selling out at the camp and abiding without argument.

They intend on preventing the resistance axis from entering into the first stages of the defeat of the other project (New World Order, New Middle East…), and they even want to strike this axis if possible. For that they need, first, to launch a campaign of demonization by the clients of American and French embassies in our country, who are interested only in saying that the regime in Syria, along with Hezbollah resembles ISIS in form and content.

They intend on not letting the Syrian or Iraqian people stand on their feet, they want to destroy all that they have left from institutions, infrastructure, economy and any manifestation of state. They intend on displacing millions of the new sons and daughters of Iraq and Syria and scatter them in the world near and far, turning them into beggars, even selling them in the Sultan Harim market.

So, inevitably, for those who have big eyes, a strong heart and a quiet mind, for those who bear the consequences of confrontation with this oppressive dark foe: We have no choice but to face the invasion, and face the extremist groups and their followers.
Resistance remains our fate …!


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