Sure looks like Mossad/CIA did Charlie!

Sure looks like Mossad did the Charlie Hebdo attacks to me.

Otherwise why would the Muslim killers let a non-Muslim woman journalist at Charlie Hebdo live just for reading the Qur’an and then kill a Muslim cop for doing nothing?

How could a jihadi, with a well prepared plan, logistics, weapons, with a planned getaway car, accidentally leave his ID card there?Why would he take an ID with him at all?

Why did Netanyahu force his presence at the Paris march after being asked not to come by Hollande? Why did he speak in a cryptic tone as if threatening France rather than terror?

How did the jihadi killers know the time and day of the editorial meeting at the hebdo?

No Islamic criminal who can plan and execute such an attack would be an infant as to go shout the name of his organization around. This happens only in the naive mind of these western policy makers and institutions.

I mean it’s all a goddamn joke.

If it looks like a Mossad/CIA operation, and if it has the same patterns of a Mossad/CIA operation (a la 9/11 attacks), and if it uses the same PR strategies and the same dialectic of western media strategies, then, it is a Mossad/CIA operation. I mean if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck then it probably is a duck.


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