The Casual End of the World

A speculative Study:

The dogmatic social structure, and dogmatic religious fanaticism of #Daesh that the #western_world sees on TV exists in real life even before Daesh or #ISIS had ever existed. It’s #Saudi Arabia. #Saudi Arabia is soft #Daesh while current #Daesh is #Daesh(#KSA)_on_steroids. Wherein the #KSA beheads and cuts the hands of a handful of say, political bloggers, and wherein the #KSA forbids women from being 1st rate humans, or bombs innocent civilians (uhum… clears throat… #Yemen) it does this with the casual normality, consent, stamp of approval and the help of the #West. On the other hand, when #Daesh does it, it is brutal and barbaric. I think the #West (#USA, #UK, ilk) created #Daesh to polish the image of its allies, #KSA and #Israel, by having a yardstick much longer to compare with. The #west would have us say: What is the genocide of #Palestinians or the killing of thousands of #Arab innocent citizens compared to  the barbaric brutality that is #Daesh? They would have us think that it’s nothing but an act of good. (#Hegelian_Dialectic: Dialectic of bad is twisted/reversed into Good).

It’s the greatest act of mass slight of hand, hypnotism to ever have existed. Real #magik. Dark evil #magic.

The power of media/propaganda, but even more, the ignorance of us humans especially those residing in the Arab world tell a terrible story as to the place where we stand at as a human race. We are onn the brink of casual, but barbaric chaos, of #nuclear_war now that the #Trump administration is casually bragging about it, and of the #End_of_the_world by #nuclear_fallout since #North_Korea will certainly follow through. The end never came from the #singularity, #global_warming or the threat of #AI, instead it came from the casual essence of our existence, and by asking #Twitter to delete @realdonaldtrump account.


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